Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses
Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses

What Is Involved?


If you have a sinus problem or nasal congestion, you should make an appointment to discuss your treatment with Mr Bhalla.

If your problem warrants surgery, you should discuss the option of LARS (local anaesthetic rhinological surgery) and whether you could be suitable.

You may need a special type of X-ray called a CT scan or an MRI scan depending on what Mr Bhalla thinks the cause of your symptoms are.

If you go ahead with LARS, April (Mr Bhalla's private secretary) will contact you to arrange a covenient date for your procedure.

On the day of your procedure, you can have a light breakfast or light lunch, depending on the timing of your procedure, but nothing too heavy.

You will be admitted to the daycare ward by the team at The Wilmslow Hospital.

About 20 minutes before your procedure, Mr Bhalla will ask you to sign a consent form and will then place some soaked dressings inside your nose - this is the 'surface' anaesthetic and decongestant.

You will then have your procedure.

The nursing team will arrange for your take home medications and you will be discharged, as simple as that!