Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses
Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses


The care you receive following your appointment is very important. Mr Bhalla has a strong belief that good aftercare is essential to ensure the best results from surgery.

At your first follow-up appointment after sinus or nasal surgery, crusts and blood clot are removed from your nose using gentle suction. A local anaesthetic is sprayed in your nose before the treatment. The timing of your next follow-up appointment will depend on what Mr Bhalla finds after an endoscopic examination. Ear, throat and neck aftercare is different, and you will be advised of this before and after your operation.

It is very likely you will be asked to use a saline spray or douche in your nose after your operation. You may be asked to use a nasal spray or drops. You may be asked to take a course of steroids or antibiotics by tablet. You may need to pay for these medications at your local pharmacy. If you suffer with acid heartburn or have had a stomach ulcer, it is very important that you tell Mr Bhalla about this.

You may be asked to take other medication, but this depends on the appearance of your nose and any other medical problems that you had before your operation.

After ear surgery or neck surgery, you will be asked to keep your ears or wound dry for a period of time. After surgery on your voice box, you will be asked to rest you voice for a period of time by not speaking.  Specific instructions will be provided depending on the surgery you have had.

A decision on whether you need long-term treatment with medication will be discussed with you at your follow-up appointments. This will very much depend on the medical problems you had before your operation (such as asthma).