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Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses
Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses

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Private Medical Consultation:

Whether you have medical insurance or not, you can call Karen (01204 416186 / 01204 774142), Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) to arrange an appointment to see Mr Bhalla.

If you are insured, you will need to ask your GP for a letter of referral. Your GP should e-mail this letter to Karen, or you can bring it with you on the day of your appointment. If you do not ask for a letter of referral, your insurers may refuse to cover the cost of your care.

If you do not have medical insurance (and are self-paying) but still wish to see Mr Bhalla for a consultation, you can arrange an appointment directly with Karen. You do not need a letter from your GP in this case, but a letter of referral can still be very helpful.

On the day of your appointment, Mr Bhalla will discuss your (or your child's) sinus, nasal or ENT complaint. He will examine your ears, nose, throat and neck. He may ask your permission to perform an endoscopic examination.  This will usually incur an additional fee.

If you require treatment at your consultation, Mr Bhalla will ask your permission to carry out the treatment. This will usually incur an additional fee. If you require any investigations, this will be discussed with you. Investigations (such as allergy tests, blood tests, and radiological investigations such as CT or MRI) will incur an additional fee, which is charged by the hospital. Otherwise, Mr Bhalla may start you on medication (which you will need to purchase from your local pharmacy) or discuss surgery with you.

A fee for surgery (which includes Mr Bhalla's fee, his anaethetist's fee, and the hospital's admission fee) will be provided by Karen following your consultation. If you have medical insurance, your insurance company will be invoiced directly. If you are self-funding, Karen will ask you to make your payments before your treatment.

Some medical insurers shortfall their payment to Mr Bhalla. Under these circumstances, you will be required to pay the shortfall promptly. The fee for treatment will be clear from the outset. This avoids surprises later in the course of your treatment.




New appointment £255.00

Follow-up appointment £155.00

Rhinoplasty consultation and assessment £300 (deductible from surgical fee if you proceed)

Endoscopy under local anaesthesia £ P.O.A.

Suction clearance of ears £ P.O.A.

Cauterisation of nose £ P.O.A.




NHS Medical Consultation:

If your GP thinks that you need a specialist opinion for your sinus, nasal or ENT complaint, he will write to Mr Bhalla at either Manchester Royal Infirmary or at Salford Royal Hospital. You do not need to do anything else.