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Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses
Caring for the health of your nose and sinuses

About the Manchester Nose and Sinus Centre

At the Manchester Nose and Sinus Centre, we treat adults and children with Ear, Nose and Throat disease. Some of the conditions we treat include:


Most surgery is performed using minimally-invasive techniques, as a day case procedure, and without nasal packing. For patients that have previously had more than one rhinoplasty or sinus operation, the surgeon uses his experience and expertise in revision cases and with stereotactic image-guidance technology to plan and perform surgery. Patients that come to see Raj have often had one or many more operations on their nose or sinuses elsewhere, but may not be completely happy with the outcome of their previous operation(s) or have recurrence of their disease. Raj will do his best to find a solution for you to try to make the best out of a less-than-perfect situation.

Raj is also able to dip into the services provided by his expert colleagues in Neuro(brain)-surgery, Oculoplastic (eye) surgery, Maxillofacial surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Neurology, Rheumatology for very complex nose, sinus and ventral skull base diseases, who he works with both in the NHS and privately. This is a small team of national and international experts in their respective fields.

In addition to highly specialised sinus and nasal surgery, Raj also diagnoses the full spectrum of Ear, Nose and Throat disease, including hearing loss and problems with balance, in adults and children. He works with excellent audiologists, Vestibular Physiotherapists and a fantastic Audiological Scientist allowing him to diagnose and rehabilitate hearing and vestibular disorders.


For more details of the full range of services offered by the Manchester Nose and Sinus Centre, please contact Raj's PA, April : telephone 01625 430550 / 07507 782188 or e-mail april@managedmedical.co.uk



Testimonials from some of our patients


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"Mr Bhalla puts you at ease from the minute you walk through his door . He is very experienced in his field of work and I trusted everything he told me . He has a lovely warm manner and I always felt in safe hands . My surgery was a success and I would highly recommend him."

J.A., Cheshire, January 2023 (after septal perforation closure)


"I had pinnaplasty surgery in 2019 by a different surgeon as I hated the appearance of them. After the surgery I was unhappy with the results, one ear was pinned too far back and had a significant dent, they did not match and I still had pain 3 years on. I initially went back to the surgeon who told me there was no issue and it did not need rectifying. I was extremely self conscious and spent 3 years hiding my ears. In 2022 I went to Dr Bhalla for a second opinion. Dr Bhalla was extremely welcoming, friendly and understanding. He explained the reason for the pain and agreed the surgery was performed incorrectly which was a huge relief after being told there was no problem by the previous surgeon. I instantly felt like I could trust his judgement. Dr Bhalla offered to revise the surgery which I had done in January 2023. I am writing this review a week post operation and I am already incredibly happy with the results. I was apprehensive and nervous especially as the first surgery did not go to plan, however Dr Bhalla was reassuring, calming and professional. The surgery went smoothly and I have surprisingly had no pain whatsoever. I am so happy with the results, Dr Bhalla has done an incredible job at matching it to my other ear. He has completely got rid of the dent and also removed the lump which was at the back. The scarring is extremely small and I am amazed at how neat and tidy it is. My ear looks completely normal which I never thought I would say! I went out for the first time today with my hair tied up and didn't have to worry about covering my ears up which I have never had the confidence to do before. I am beyond grateful for Dr Bhalla's help and would highly recommend him. I cannot thank Dr Bhalla enough for how much he has improved my appearance and confidence!"

G.B., Fylde Coast, January 2023 (after pinnaplasty surgery)


"Fantastic. Peace of mind and considerate. Highly recommend."

H.W., Manchester, January 2023 (after tonsillectomy)


"Mr Raj Bhalla is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. I really thought I had exhausted all options having 3 previous nasal surgeries (not by Mr Bhalla) which unfortunately were unable to address my various breathing issues and shape of my nose. Mr Bhalla carried out the most thorough examination I have had and he explained in detail his findings and options going forward. Mr Bhalla gave me everything I needed to make an informed decision. One year after an incredible revision surgery by Mr Bhalla, I am still in awe. I could breathe peacefully and fully just after surgery. The absolute cherry on top was how beautiful and seamless my nose looks. One full year on I can still breathe so effortlessly, I have never had air flow like this in my life. My overall health has massively improved, my oral health is incredible, my ability to exercise with ease means I am even healthier and fitter now than ever! Sleep is peaceful, wonderful and regenerative - something I never thought possible. Mr Bhalla’s expertise gave me the gift of breathing, for that I am forever grateful. Aesthetically previous to the surgery with Mr Bhalla, my nose was cartilage depleted, severely deviated and misshapen. Mr Bhalla also achieved an amazing result aesthetically, my nose is perfectly proportional and it now blends seamlessly into my facial features. Just wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much. I am absolutely over the moon with my fully functional and beautiful nose."

A.M., Lancashire, December 2022 (after rhinoplasty surgery)


"Mr Bhalla is an outstanding surgeon. His patient care throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the day of the procedure, through to the post-surgery care was exemplary. He puts your mind at ease and provides detailed explanations of all your options and the procedure itself. I am delighted with the results and have already noticed a significant improvement in the airflow and I am only a few weeks post-surgery."

J.L., Cheshire, March 2020 (after rhinoplasty and turbinate surgery)


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for taking such good care of me and doing such an amazing job.  You have been so patient and kind, answering all my questions and it is much appreciated.  Thanks again!"

L.D., Manchester, March 2018 (after rhinoplasty and septum surgery)





We regret that Mr Bhalla will no longer be able to provide treatment to patients insured by AXA PPP.  AXA PPP have unfortunately attempted to dictate the care provided by Mr Bhalla despite his immense success at controlling both straightforward and complex, often advanced sinus and nasal diseases in both his tertiary NHS and private practices.  This is despite his exceptionally low revision rates for patients with sinus disease and after rhinoplasty surgery, and his vast success at restoring quality of life and sense of smell.

The stance that AXA PPP has taken is unacceptable and the attempt to control his practice is unpalatable for an expert in his field and so, with great regret, he has dissociated himself from AXA PPP.

Patients insured with AXA PPP may still see Mr Bhalla but they will either need to self-fund or switch insurer prior to doing so.  We apologise wholeheartedly for the inconvenience this is likely to cause.

For further information regarding charges or for bookings, please call April on 01625 430550 / 07507 782188 or e-mail april@managedmedical.co.uk